How to embed social purpose into your business

“Purpose is not a mere tagline or marketing campaign; it is a company’s fundamental reason for being – what it does every day to create value for its stakeholders” – Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO As a business leader, you can’t have failed to notice that purpose is the zeitgeist – being discussed across the business [...]

Is India’s mandated 2% CSR spend actually working?

[By Annu Mehta] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the new provisions introduced in The Companies Act 2013 in India - and is a potential game-changer for the business landscape. With effect from April 1, 2014, every company which either has a net worth of INR 500 crore (US$75m) or a turnover of INR [...]

Balancing the money and the mission

[By Isabel Kelly] Recently I was asked by the foundation of a large multinational company to share some of my thoughts on running a corporate foundation responsible for generating its own income; which inevitably brings up the issue of balancing the social mission with the money-making. The company has moved its CSR (corporate social responsibility) [...]

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Volunteering for purpose: how volunteering benefits the bottom line, employees and work culture

[By Annu Mehta, Co-Founder, Alstonia]   What is a good workplace? What attracts and retains the right kind of employees? The answers are changing rapidly. Employees these days - especially Employees these days - especially millennials- are looking for a collaborative work environment which enables them to not only learn constantly but also find a [...]

The Observer: British business needs investment and vision. But most of all it needs purpose

British business needs investment and vision. But most of all it needs purpose By Will Hutton, The Observer, 15 May 2016 'Successful companies are defined by their capacity to deliver and pursue clearly defined visionary corporate purposes – to be the best, to do business that is sustainable, to serve humanity, to stretch every muscle to [...]

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Is the Time Right for Human Rights NGOs to Collaborate with Businesses that Want to Stop Dabbling with ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and Start Making Social Impact?

First published online: September 10, 2016 Journal of Human Rights Practice (2016) doi: 10.1093/jhuman/huw015 Abstract Based on the author’s 12 years of working in a corporate foundation, this policy note provides an overview of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its many guises. It explores the benefits and compromises which may arise for human rights NGOs looking to collaborate with [...]

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