Helping Braemar navigate risks and rewards to build a global ESG strategy & framework

Braemar Plc provides expert investment, chartering, and risk management advice to the shipping and energy markets. They are one of the biggest companies in their space. Over the last three years Braemar has rebranded, fully divested their non-core businesses, and refocused their strategy on Shipbroking and Corporate Finance. As an office-based organisation Braemar’s direct [...]

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James Potten, Founder & CEO of Amplified Futures, helps start-ups to scale. He's a passionate advocate of purpose as a core part of businesses reaching their potential, and hosted a conversation on How Purpose Powers Your Startup. The four guests shared their different routes into purpose - through personal and professional experiences - and [...]

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Interview with Isabel Kelly on The Corporate Director Podcast – the Voice of Modern Governance

As existential threats to business continue to mount, how can companies ensure the health and long-term viability of their company and employees? Hear from Isabel Kelly, non-executive director at the Panoply and CEO of Profit with Purpose, on the importance of nonprofit and for-profit collaboration. Find the podcast here: Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Stitcher  Benefits from a Nonprofit [...]

A is for Action: the ABC of ESG 2021

Acceleration was my word of 2020. The pandemic has accelerated acceptance that business cannot exist for the sole purpose of profit, nor separate business objectives from surrounding social issues.  Action must be the word of 2021. #BuildBackBetter: we have the chance, let’s take it. Collaboration between business, nonprofit, government and academia is increasingly needed to provide [...]

Experian: elevating and aligning Corporate Responsibility with global company vision

Creating a better tomorrow as a socially responsible strapline … As the world’s largest credit bureau, Experian takes the issue of financial inclusion very seriously. Committed to ‘creating a better tomorrow’, the core business is built around the power of data and its ability to transform lives around the world, helping people to realise their dreams [...]

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‘The Purpose Motive’, Isabel Kelly interviewed for The Water Report, the water industry’s magazine

INTERVIEW - The Water Report March 2020 Business is well placed to drive social change, and doing so would bring corporate as well as societal benefits. Isabel Kelly offers practical advice to water companies who want to do more. Is there genuinely growing support for the idea that financial profit isn’t the only thing a [...]

How to embed social purpose into your business

“Purpose is not a mere tagline or marketing campaign; it is a company’s fundamental reason for being – what it does every day to create value for its stakeholders” – Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO As a business leader, you can’t have failed to notice that purpose is the zeitgeist – being discussed across the business [...]

Profit with Purpose founder Isabel Kelly becomes a ‘guru’ supporting Entrepreneurial Giving

July 2018 Isabel is delighted to have joined a group of impressive 'gurus' assembled by Entrepreneurial Giving, a new organisation founded by Maurice Ostro OBE, to support the work they are doing to help entrepreneurs build genuine mission-driven businesses from the outset.  

Can NGOs and business collaborate beyond CSR?

[By Isabel Kelly, published online September 10, 2016, Journal of Human Rights Practice, Oxford Journals, OUP] Is the Time Right for Human Rights NGOs to Collaborate with Businesses that Want to Stop Dabbling with ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and Start Making Social Impact? Link to full text Based on the author’s 12 years of working in a [...]

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